Not much

She didn’t need much

Only little

A nice word


Fresh air

Clean water

A garden


Books to read

Protecting arms

A comfi bed


And be loved



Be you

Be me

Be who you wanna be

Do what you wanna do

Let go

Let God do


Shut the mind up


It’s your heartbeat

Just like music

Pump it up

Swing yo ass to it

Liberate your soul

Your body will thank you

Connect with the source

Its deep

its tight

its sweet

its high

its fly

I’m feelin myself

Feelin it too



Structures of the human mind

Create or re-create

Old world or new one

Humanity is a nice one

You are faced with a stark choice

Evolve or die

Unless you change

the structures of human mind

Create or re-create

You choose

Each and every day

Be blessed


inspired by Eckhart Tolle



Pieces of me

Getting in touch, my body was in motion

Adrenaline rush, like I jumped into the ocean

Unaware of the game

I didn’t feel no shame

Pushing buttons, vibrating

Your energy felt stimulating

Burning to still the hunger

Didn’t want to wait any longer

We were up in the clouds, playing it well

Didn’t know it was becoming a spell

Yearning for more

You were too sure

Forgot about my plans


Lost myself


You let me fall, now all I find is pieces of me

You’re bad for me cause you’re good for me

ooh you’re so good cause you’re so bad


you turn to me, sweet words of yours

get me higher, flyer, I’m a buyer

A lost believer

Waiting for you patiently

to hold me and be with me

Imaginations going wild

When you’re away

You’re far away

Still I feel you under my skin

All I know is all you don’t

You admit you won’t

You push me back and forth

and call it love

I’m getting angry

urge to set myself free

you hold me close to your chest

not ready to let go so fast



You let me fall, now all I find is pieces of me

You’re bad for me cause you’re good for me

ooh you’re so good cause you’re so bad



In the midst of a great adventure
I see us
The essence of reality
is soon clear enough for errbody
Reality is a different one
from what we call Reality
We’ll get to know it in a complete new way
like newborns
with a pure heart
Be wary
Every thought
Every sentiment
Every movement
is expressed just like that
They breed a new vibration
No coincidence
No destiny
No karma
Only you
in your own world
you can now live in two worlds
a matrix inside the matrix
all you need is some love and appreciation
in order to experience this adventure
with a higher consciousness


Beautiful soul

you are right next to me
as I am right next to you
imagining what’s in front of us
colors, oh so bright
paradigms perfectly shaped
we breathe at the same pace
blessed with amazing grace
never before have I seen such a beautiful soul
with a clear mind
a pure heart
always seeing what was unseen before
feeling what was unfelt
touching the right spots
in body and soul
so naturally
you say: where have you been all my life?
smiling the sweetest smile